Front Line Work.

Atheer is the Front Line OS™. A suite of AR and AI-powered applications to assist front line teams perform mission-critical work.

From reactive to proactive digital transformation: An Atheer AR Insights Webinar with Deloitte Digital’s Donald Brady

WEBINAR: Thu, Oct 29, 2020 | 10:00 AM

Atheer is the Front Line OS™ that powers your remote teams.

Loaded with features and capabilities that you can begin using straight away. No coding!

Get started in minutes

Front line teams can be equipped – in minutes – with secure messaging, AR video sessions,  AR workflows, file and document sharing, and much more.

When you need more

Use Atheer’s pre-built templates, dynamic forms, multiple step types, and out of the box enterprise integrations to create your own powerful AR powered business applications. No coding required.

Build and deploy faster than ever

Atheer’s out of the box capabilities and your custom Atheer applications require no coding, can be branded in minutes and then instantly deployed to the devices your front line teams use.

Unlocking productivity at the world’s leading enterprises

Try Atheer today

Drop us a note and we’ll hook you up with your very own instance of Atheer.